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Headquartered in Bainbridge Island, Washington, Bitwise Legal represents software and interactive entertainment clients in commercial transactions. Whether you’re a SaaS company, game developer, enterprise software business or startup entrepreneur, we have the expertise to help you navigate legal issues in your business.

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Areas of Practice

Enterprise Saas

We work with Software as a Service companies to put reasonable agreements in place with their customers.  We are business friendly lawyers and pride ourselves on being able to protect our client's interest without adding unnecessary friction to the sales process.


software and content licensing

We help clients monetize their technology, whether they have a hosted service or object code that they license for use by their customers on-site, we can help create a contract roadmap and streamline your contract process with customers.  

Interactive Games and digital entertainment

We work with game developers and publishers to manage risk related to their games and to monetize their intellectual property.  The law is changing quickly with respect to in-game purchasing, loot crates and MTX issues.  We also help with inbound licensing of middleware and assets for use in game, and with outbound licensing of game-related IP to merchandise licensee.


As a software-focused firm, we work with many emerging growth companies and startups.  For young companies, we can help develop business strategies for commercializing your software and technology.  If your startup has unique legal challenges, we can help manage risk and develop a plan around things like user generated content and data privacy.

Merchandise Licensing

If you are a game or entertainment company with recognizable IP, we can help you monetize those rights through merchandise licensing.   Merchandise licensing can be an excellent way to extract additional value from your existing IP.  We can help you license your IP to merchandise licensees for use on consumer proceeds, like apparel, accessories, glassware, and books, while protecting your rights and ensuring quality.  

Customer / Vendor contracts

Our focus is software, but we handle customer and vendor contracts of all kinds.  If you are buying or selling something related to technology, we can help with the process.  Whether outsourcing development work, licensing in content or code, or selling hardware to customers, we can help keep you sales and procurement processes running smoothly while helping to manage the risk related to those transactions.



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